Rasp Icon RASP: Music Toolkit

This project was ported to JavaScript and runs in a browser here.

"RASP Aids Song Production" is a set of utilities for song production, supplementing functions missing in some DAWs.

Screenshot of version 2.0
Version 2.0
Screenshot of version 1.5
Version 1.5



The current versions are written in Python using the Tkinter and tkSnack packages. Only version 2x uses tkSnack (for the metronome and frequency generator). Version 3x will likely be written in a different language. Plans include a complete overhaul of the GUI and full keyboard support plus feature expansion. Current tk packages completely break this tool because I never updated the code.

This program is the result of my switch from Windows to Linux. At the time I started this project there were no comparable utilities and definitely no all-in-one tool like RASP. Many Linux based DAWs and plugins are missing popular and useful features commonly found in Win/Mac software. This is an attempt to bridge the gap.


RASP is primarily a Linux tool, but I did make a version of 1.5 that successfully runs on Win7. I tried making packages for Ubuntu, but these didn't always work. Considering how small this program is you are better off downloading the source and calling the Python file directly. This way you can run RASP on any platforms that supports Python!

License: OSL 3.0