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This is an archive of things I do; generally art, music, video, design, coding, and tinkering. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you leave inspired!

News: 23 Aug 2023

I hate naming things, especially abstract stuff like color schemes. That said, in the miscellaneous section below I added a link to a theme I made for the terminal emulator PuTTY. Made my job much more enjoyable when I had to use that tool every day. And while I'm sharing colors, I added the palettes used on my Triton project. The larger of the two I've used several times since, naturally since I like those colors.

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The GEAR section contains a few things I use to create music and includes drum machine samples, info related to pocket operators by teenage engineering, and manuals for lots of the things I own or have owned.

I made an ANSI color scheme for PuTTY. Very practical.


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